About Us

Hey y’all! A bit about me! My name is Danielle and I am the creator and maker behind Bright Side Boutique. I’ve been a crafter my whole life, always intrigued by different art forms and expressing myself through art. I started in the resin world (specifically tumblers) in 2018. I love trying new techniques and bringing one-of-a-kind, functional pieces to you!

When I’m not working with glitter and resin, I am most definitely spending time with my family. A big reason I decided to go full time with my own shop was to afford a flexible schedule to be more involved with my kids school and sports activities! We’re big into sports over here. Dad (Jason) coaches both flag football and basketball for our boys and older girl and our girls are also in soccer. So our weekends are usually booked with sports and outdoor activities.

Let me give you a kid run down, try to keep up lol. My daughter, Jordyn, born on Mother’s Day 2017, is my sunshine girl! Then I have Landon (2006), Christian (2008), and Taylor (2010) as my bonus kiddos! We have a beautifully blended family and my gratitude is overflowing in that department. Jason is one of my biggest supporters and is always helping me build things to make my job easier and my space more efficient.

I love supporting small shops and you will see that often in my mystery boxes or giveaways I include many other small shop products that I buy and use and believe in myself. I’m an avid reader (of all genres) and listen to several podcasts. I’m a die hard Coca Cola addict and a professional napper (it’s a thing, I promise). My favorite color is yellow, next to the entire rainbow. I love nature and I love being near the beach here in Florida!

Thank you for stopping by to visit my shop! I am so grateful for each and every interaction Bright Side receives.